ABouT Gladiator Soccer Academy 

Gladiator Soccer Academy is the first to use leading scientific research in skill acquisition, world-renowned coaching methodologies, and licensed qualified coaches to ensure that your child reaches their maximum potential as a soccer player! 


Using our Game-based learning environment we ensure that players develop while never being bored! Your child will always be excited to come to practice while they are learning and developing new skills. 

The Gladiator Difference - Holistic approach to soccer  

Practice is always fun and competitive!!!! 

There is nothing in the world like our practice environment! We have been featured on world-leading coaching podcasts talking about our unique practice environment. We use game theory to get our players excited about coming to practice!


Building great people, not just great players!!!

We take a holistic approach to development. Through our unique environment, we teach our player's real-world skills like; confidence, accountability, leadership, and communication. 



Body Awareness (proprioception): Knowing body parts and understanding the body’s movement in space in relation to other limbs and objects for ‘automatic’ movement to develop.

Coordination: The ability to integrate multiple movements into efficient task performance such as ball games.

Sensory processing: The accurate registration, interpretation and response to sensory stimulation in the environment and one’s own body.

Muscle tone: Residual muscle tension which helps determine the muscles ‘readiness to work’.

Posture Control: The ability to stabilize the trunk and neck to enable the efficient coordination of limbs for task performance (e.g. bike riding).


Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility. Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility, which can reduce their chance of injury.

Train at home 

GSA is one of the first academies to use an at-home training app for our players. Players can learn ball mastery at home using a professionally lead app that teaches players all the skills needed for success on the field! 

Our Podcast - Coaching Soccer Weekly 
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Coaching Methods 

Coerver Soccer

In the late 1970s, Dutch European Championship winning coach Wiel Coerver led a revolution in soccer coaching. He was dissatisfied with the lack of individual skills and emphasis on defensive play in the professional game; an emphasis that many thought, was stifling the more exciting, attacking style of play necessary to score goals and attract fans.

Game-Based Coaching 

We use a unique method called game-based coaching to motivate players to stay on their competitive edge. We record everything your child does in training and convert it into different scores for different games. These scores are updated and put on our website so that players have constant feedback as to what they need to work on to get better. This ensures that players are constantly looking to get better 

Long-Term Player

Development (LTPD


Code of Conduct
to Protect Children

inappropriate conduct 

suspicion of child abuse 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Rule of Two Policy

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