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2024 Summer Camp: Master Your Game: Gladiator Soccer Academy Elite Summer Soccer Camp in North York
Hone your skills, build confidence, and create lasting memories at Gladiator Soccer Academy's action-packed summer camp!

Elevate your soccer game this summer at Gladiator Soccer Academy's premier camp in North York! Designed for boys and girls of all skill levels (born 2017-2009), our program offers elite training, expert coaching, and an unforgettable experience under the summer sun. Our passionate coaches will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on:

  • Technical Mastery: Dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, and first touch artistry.

  • Tactical Acuity: Developing game sense, formations, and advanced match awareness.

  • Physical Fitness: Building endurance, agility, and overall strength.


1. 1v1 Deceptive Dribbling:  Unleash the magic of 1v1 moves! Each day unveils a new deceptive dribbling skill. Our coaches break it down step by step, ensuring mastery by the end of the hour. 

2. Receiving Mastery:  Elevating the First Touch Artistry! Recognizing the pivotal role of ball reception in the game, we delve deep into the essence of a player's first touch. From anticipation before the ball arrives to the graceful execution during and the strategic moves after, we sculpt a complete mastery, setting the stage for everything that unfolds next on the soccer canvas.

3. Passing Precision:  Mastering the Art of Team Play! In the beautiful symphony of soccer, teamwork is the key melody. To harmonize effectively, our players delve into the intricate art of passing. From understanding the right part of the ball to strike, discovering the precise section of the foot to use, to mastering the correct pace of the ball—our players acquire a technical finesse that transforms passing into a masterpiece of speed, accuracy, and collaborative brilliance on the field.. 

4.Shooting Excellence:  The Money Skill! Shooting isn't just a skill; it's the currency of soccer legends. It's the magic that wins games and ignites the cheers of fans. Join us as we unlock the secrets of the most famous players worldwide, guiding our athletes to master the skill that keeps stadiums roaring and creates unforgettable moments on the field. Through meticulous training, players will delve into the art of shooting, understanding where to hit the ball, the precise part of the foot to utilize, and cultivating a technique that turns every shot into a potential game-changer. Get ready to leave your mark on the pitch! .

5.1v1 Defending:  Mastery in the Face of Adversity! Embrace the thrill of one-on-one defending as players sharpen their defensive skills in dynamic scenarios. Our training goes beyond technique; it's about cultivating the resilience, strategic thinking, and agility needed to conquer every one-on-one challenge on the field. Get ready to stand as an unyielding shield in the face of adversity! 

Limited spots available! Register today and experience the ultimate summer soccer adventure at Gladiator Soccer Academy in North York the best soccer camp toronto has to offer! 

Dates: July 02 to Aug 23rd 

Ages: Open to all Gladiator players born 2017- 2009! 

 Location: Harrison Public School

Time: 9:30AM - 3:00PM

Spaces limited 

contact us for more information: 


Please create an account and fill out form for summer camp 

Week One 

Dates: July 2- July 5

no class monday July 1st

Week Two

Dates: July 8 - July 12

Week Three

Dates: July 15 - July 19

Week Four

Dates: July 22 - July 26

Week Five

Dates: Aug 29 - Aug 02

Week Six

Dates:  Aug 05 - Aug 09

Week Seven

Dates: Aug 12 - Aug 16

Week Eight

Dates: Aug 19 - Aug 23

Week Nine

Dates: Aug 26 - Aug 29

Gladiator soccer academy - A soccer team near me made for me 

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