Game Play

  • Breakaway Save

  • Ground Save

  • Good Distribution

  • Bowl and Upper 90 Save!

  • Good W Shape

  • Save From Cross - Quick Javelin Throw

Shot Stopping -Ground Saves,

  • Waist & Chest High Saves,

  • In the Goal: Ground Saves,

  • In the Goal: Waist and Chest High Saves

  • In the Goal: In the Goal: Breakaways

Basic Technique and Handling

  • The Ready Position

  • Receiving to Chest

  • Receiving to Waist

  • Receiving Above Head

  • Diving Shape

  • Mobility

  • positioning​

Crosses and Distribution


  • Positioning for Crosses

  • Positioning for Corners

  • In the Goal: No Pressure,

  • In the Goal: With Pressure


  • Under Arm Bowl

  • The Javelin

Basic Technique and Handling

Shot Stopping

Crosses and Distribution

Game Play

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