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Gladiator Soccer Academy After school youth soccer program for north york

Gladiator Soccer Academy
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Gladiator Soccer Academy a Premier Soccer Academy located in north york
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Teaching Players To Stand Out And Get Noticed! 

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Our Soccer Program Prioritizes Individual Player Development Over Winning.

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Welcome to the Gladiator Soccer Academy in North York, Toronto! Our team of qualified coaches is dedicated to providing top-quality instruction and development for soccer players of all ages and skill levels. Our focus on repetition helps players build automaticity and muscle memory, enabling them to execute their abilities more efficiently in game situations. We are passionate about fostering a love for the game in the North York community and beyond. Our programs include team placement, age-appropriate training, and a comprehensive season schedule. Plus, we offer a free trial period to allow you to evaluate our coaches and program to determine if it's the right fit for you. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we have something to offer everyone at the Gladiator Soccer Academy!

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Meeting ID: 209 325 0061

As part of our player development process, we use Zoom meetings every week to analyze the previous week's games in youth leagues in Toronto, North York, and the GTA. These meetings provide an opportunity for players, coaches, and staff to discuss games, identify areas for improvement, and provide feedback and support to help players develop their skills and confidence. The meetings allow players to reflect on their performances and learn from their experiences. Players can gain a better understanding of their own abilities as well as the game's strategies and tactics by analyzing the games and identifying areas for improvement.

Age group: 

5 years old to 14 years old 

Skill levels: 

Beginner to advanced 

Elite coaching and training sessions for young players to improve  soccer skills

Expert training, exceptional results: Gladiator Soccer Academy Game Highlights

These videos include clips of players in game situations demonstrating their improved skills and abilities in 1v1 situations, passing, shooting, and off-ball movement. These abilities are the result of our emphasis on repetition and muscle memory, and they demonstrate the effectiveness of our training programs. View the highlight videos to see how our training can help players achieve their full potential and excel on the soccer field.

  • Gladiator Soccer Academy: North York's Premier Soccer Academy

Check out our youtube channel to see our teams in action 


  1. Improved soccer skills and knowledge: Gladiator Soccer Academy offers structured and focused training sessions to assist players in developing their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game.

  2. Experienced Coaches: We understand the value of having experienced coaches who can guide and support players as they develop their skills and knowledge of the game at the Gladiator Soccer Academy.cOur coaches are soccer enthusiasts who are committed to providing a fun and educational environment for players to learn and grow. They are dedicated to assisting players in developing confidence and making good decisions on the field, and they work hard to provide individualized instruction and support to each player. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, our experienced coaches will help you reach your full potential and become the best soccer player you can be.

  3. Creating brave, creative, leaders:  The fast-paced, dynamic nature of our training sessions can assist players in developing quick thinking and decision-making abilities, both of which are required for leadership. Furthermore, teamwork and cooperation in each session can help players learn how to collaborate effectively with others and improve their communication skills. We also encourage creativity at GSA because players must constantly devise new strategies and tactics to outmaneuver their opponents on the field. Finally, the game's physical and mental challenges can help players develop courage and resilience, both of which are important qualities in leaders. 

  4. More Flexibility - Because our program has no long-term commitment, players and their families can easily adjust their involvement in the program based on their schedules, interests, and abilities. 

  5. Never stop improving - players are placed in sessions with other players of similar skill levels, allowing them to learn and compete at a level appropriate for their skill level. This allows players to continuously improve their skills because they can challenge themselves without fear of being overwhelmed by more experienced players. Furthermore, we move players up and down based on their progress, which allows players to constantly be challenged and supported and compete at the highest level. This allows them to constantly improve and achieve their soccer goals. The result is a soccer program for players of all ages and skill levels that continues to improve their skills while having fun. 

Sign up for a free trial session and see why our academy is the best choice for youth soccer in Toronto, North York, and the GTA

ontario soccer proud parenter of Gladiator Soccer Academy

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"Young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players... They should be encouraged to try new skills without fear of failure"

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